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4 Tips for Giving Your Cat a Safe and Comfortable Bath

A cat is such a lovely pet to have. Because of its clinginess and darling attitude, no wonder why there are plenty of people who adore them and love to take care of them. But there are also times when some people do not know how to take care of their cats properly.

And we all know how cats terrify water and how they hate getting their fur wet, but what if you need to bathe your cat?

In this article, we'll provide tips on how to give your cat a bath properly.

Tips to make your cats clean and fresh with a safe and comfortable bath:


Undoubtedly, cats are more fascinating to play with and kiss and hug when there’s no sneezing to happen because of your cat’s stinky smell after a long busy day. Just thinking about how cats are afraid of water, it would be challenging for you to make them tidy again. Well, that’s not a problem anymore because there are some tips to give your cat a safe and comfortable bath.


Prepare a mild temperature of water.

A warm water for your cat is good to make them feel comfortable and calm. In addition, it is better to prepare an extra bucket of water with the same mild temperature for the cat not to feel scared of running water. 


Get everything ready.

Before starting to bathe your cat, make sure to set everything that’s needed such as your cat’s shampoo and towel. It is similarly pleasant to put a non-slip mat in your sink before placing your cat there to give him a nice grip on the surface. With that, your cat will be at ease and it would become less stressful for the both of you. Better thing if you nail-cut your cats first before the bath to prevent accidental wounds when bathing them.


Be careful and gentle.

When bathing your cat, be extra careful not to wet their head. Moreover, maintain lathering your cat’s whole body in a gentle manner to avoid skin irritation. Aside from that, try to pet them gently to keep them calm and behave. Another thing to consider is to select the appropriate shampoo exclusively made for cats as well as providing your cat a personal comb and a clean towel for every bathtime.


When proceeding to cleaning their head part, use wipes for their ears, nose, and around their eyes. Afterwards, dry and cover them with a clean towel to protect from cold and discomfort. The use of a hair dryer is not a good idea because it may damage your cat’s fur and skin and  its sound might make them aggressive.


Give some treats.

It would be helpful for you to comfort your cats with some treats during baths. Giving them a spoon of tuna, the toy they enjoy, and even a soothing massage would make them enjoy your bath time session and will somehow remove their fear in water. Speaking with them in a tender is likewise a good thing to do. With these, you can now bath them like a pro. 

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