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Helping Your Pup Deal With Separation Anxiety When You Go Back To School

It's back-to-school time, and that means it is time to pack up your kids and get ready for a new school year. And like many pet parents, you may ask yourself if your dog is ready for the change. Your pup may be used to getting all the attention from the kids, and it can be hard for them to adjust to the change in routine. The sudden drop in attention can make them feel lost, and they may develop anxiety.


Separation anxiety is a common problem for dogs, and it can be a serious concern for many families. The good news is that separation anxiety is manageable. You can take steps to help your dog adjust so that they feel comfortable when you go back to work, or your kids go back to school.


Signs Of Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Dogs suffering from separation anxiety are overly attached to their owners and exhibit symptoms of stress when separated from them. As a form of protest, some dogs may howl in the absence of their owner or act mischievously inside the house. Separation anxiety can also be exhibited by your dog in the following ways:


  • Excessive barking or whining for prolonged periods
  • Relieving themselves inside the house
  • Chewing items and furniture
  • Excessive digging 
  • Stress-induced panting and drooling
  • Pacing excessively
  • A decrease in appetite


How to Alleviate Separation Anxiety with Doggie Daycare

The staff at a doggie daycare knows how to handle separation anxiety issues and will help your dog get used to being around other animals in a controlled setting. Additional benefits for doggie daycare include:


Your Dog Will Get Enough Exercise

At doggie daycare, dogs get plenty of exercises. They get to play with other dogs who are just as excited about life as they are – if not more. Dogs who don't get regular exercise are more likely to develop behavioral problems like aggression or anxiety when left alone at home. A doggie daycare lets your pooch run around with other dogs in an environment where he can learn social skills while still getting plenty of exercise.


Helps Establish A Routine

Establishing a routine is one of the essential things that can help your dog overcome separation anxiety. This includes going to the same place every day. If you have a dog who is afraid of being left alone in its home, a dog daycare center might be just what your pet needs. Your dog will be able to get used to the new environment and the people taking care of them.


Practice Socialization

Doggie daycare centers can help dogs practice their social skills as well. They allow dogs to interact with other dogs and people, which helps them develop confidence in their ability to interact with others. This can help reduce some of your pet's anxiety when left alone.


Atlanta Pet Resort Will Treat Your Furry Companion Like Royalty

Atlanta Pet Resort, we believe that pets are members of the family, and that's why we offer pet care services that allow your dog or cat to stay safe and secure in a welcoming environment. Our professionals will give your furry friend an enriching day of play, exercise, and Excitement with other dogs—it's all about giving them the best possible experience.

We can't wait to meet you! Give us a call or visit our website to book a free meet and greet today.


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