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The Benefits Of Puppy Daycare In Marietta

Many Marietta pet parents struggle with leaving their puppies at home while they go to work. When pet owners are gone for more than five hours, there is always the worry about what their pooch will get into. With doggy daycare, you can leave your pup for a few hours and know that he's in good hands. 


Here are some great benefits of doggy daycare.

They'll Get Plenty Of Exercise

Taking your pup to doggy daycare can help them out by getting them exercised and having some fun. A variety of activities can be enjoyed while at doggy daycare, such as playing with the dogs and daycare attendants. Dogs also enjoy spending time outside, so taking your pup to daycare with large open spaces will make for an enjoyable experience for your pup.

Relieve Separation Anxiety

Puppies are social animals, and many of them will develop separation anxiety if you leave them at home alone. You can relieve your dog's separation anxiety by sending him to doggy daycare as long as he is socialized enough to interact with other dogs. There are lots of attendants and other dogs to distract your pup at the daycare facility, which helps alleviate loneliness. A dog daycare facility has the additional advantage of preventing boredom and providing an outlet for your puppy's pent-up energy.

Your Puppy Will Develop Social Skills.

Puppies develop social skills from a young age, and you can help them by providing a safe environment for them to practice these behaviors. Doggy daycare will help your puppy learn how to engage with other dogs and even strangers, which is an essential part of being well-adjusted in the world.

Supervised Playtime

Puppies need to play with other puppies, and supervised playtime is a great way to develop social skills. Doggy daycare staff members are experienced in communicating with dogs and their body language. 


In addition, they create playrooms based on the dog's temperaments, play styles, and sizes. Keeping your pet away from larger and more aggressive dogs will help ensure they won't feel overwhelmed or bullied.


You Can Leave For Work Without Guilt.

Dogs need stimulation for them to be happy; having someone around helps keep them from getting too bored or anxious about being left home alone. With doggy daycare, you can trust that your dog is being well taken care of by a professional. The staff will play with your dog, give him attention, walk him around and offer plenty of other enrichment activities throughout the day.


Puppy daycare is an excellent option if you're looking for a way to care for your puppy while at work or doing other activities. 


Your Pet Is In Good Hands At The Atlanta Pet Resort

Atlanta Pet Resort is your pet's number one option for pet boarding, bathing, and dog daycare. Our facility is pet-friendly, and we look forward to getting to know your pets and their quirks. We provide your furry friend with spacious indoor and outdoor playing areas and accommodations so he can have a great time in our care. Call us today or visit our website to request a service for your pet!


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